Treadmill Vs Track : A runner's dilemma

Published Date: September 26th, 2014

when it comes to the easiest workout on the planet,the choice,it seems, is black and white

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Running is one of the easiest work out routines you could practice to keep fit.You don't need any wlaborate work-out routines or gym memberships Only a pair of comfy shoes, and you're good to hit the track. However,given our hectic work schedules, we often tend to run on a treadmill at home, or in the gym,as opposed to rounning outside. But does that pose any additional benifits from running out in the open

Fresh Factor

The most obvious things that comes to mind is that running outside is more motivating than your home surrounding. Says Nilima Pai who has been running since the last five years,"Running on a treadmill in a gym can get boring. You can do that when you have running as a part of your larger workout routine. But nothing beats running outside as a motivation.At least for me, I cannot substitute it," she says adding that the energy a run in the outdoors cannot be matched by running indoors.

Varity of runs

A treadmill restricts the way you run, in the way that, besides adjusting the incline, which is a feature in most treadmills there aren't a lot of styles of runnning to practice, like sprinting.Also, the energy spent running on a treadmill is far less than what you would out on field.Says Pai, "I run barefoot, so running outdoors gives me a great sense of freedom.Also, one can get a better sense of one's surroundings.So,if I am running outdoors,even without having gadgets on me, I know how much I am running and when to rest.On a treadmill,these things are hard to say."

Where to run?

If you haven't had issues with injuries, ideally, you can attempt both.So, if you are someone who cannot afford to spend more than 30 minutes for a run, chose a treadmill. Be sure to have a treadmill that includes Alpine levels, so that you can add some challenge to your workout.Says Arjun Chudasma,a media professional who recently started running and wants to prepare for the marathon,"In my line of work, I spend long intervals traveling and doing shoots.So, while on a shoot, I mix it up.Whatever I get, I take.If we are at a hotel, I try and use the treadmill at the hotel gym and try to get a good 10 kilometre run. But if I am home, and I have time, I prefer to run outside," he adds, saying its always good to mix up the two.

Expert Speak

With running, the surface on which you run is very imoportant.Says Dr Kunjal Shah,"The surface you are rnning on matters most. If it's a mud track or by the sea, it helps prevent injuries. While a lot of treadmills have a harder surface, and jogging on it for longer times could damage muscle."

Also,while running on a treadmill,your gait is more forced.Says Dr Ajaz Ashai,"When you run on the treadmill continiously,the same muscle is used, so there is an overuse of muscle.While running on a natural,grass surface, your body naturally shifts the weight around,so chances of injuries are less." Dr Ashai also reccomends changing running patterns,to avoid injuries."If you run two rounds clockwise, run the next two counter-clockwise. Its good to not fall in a running pattern as that reduced the chances of an injury."


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