NASA Designed Anti Gravity Treadmill Now Serving Robins

Published Date: September 30th, 2014

The device is the new generation of treadmills for physical rehabilitation, resulting in faster recovery causing less pain and minimizing impact to the joints when walking and running.

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It serves as a great segue to running outdoors,translating to a quicker return to duty and fitness training for active duty patients at Robins

How it works

The machine uses differential air-pressure technology to produce a lifting force to the body,reducing the person's body weight from as little as 20 percent to as much as 80 percent.

The patient first dons a pair of neoprene shorts which zip into the inflatable plastic air chamber attached to the treadmill.

Once the lower body is secured in the air-tight chamber,the treadmill calibrates the patient's body weight.

After the percentage of body weight is punched into the control panel,air then fills the chamber to lift the patient until he or she is bearing partial weight, thereby reducing the impact on joints.

The patient can then walk or run forward, backward, or sideways with decreased load bearing and reduced ground reaction force

Who are candidates

The treadmill has been used to rehabilitate a wide range of orthopedic to neurological patients who can benefit from strengthening and gait training.

Moreover,the treadmill can be used to condition elderly patients in a safe environment to reduce their risk of falling.

It can even be used to aid individuals with weight loss.

Athletes can also enhance their performance while preventing injury during sport-specific conditioning.

At the clinic about 50 percent of its patients are seen for injuries and conditions involving the lower body, making many of them great candidates for the anti-gravity treadmill


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