Six Treadmill Tricks To Boost Your Workouts

Published Date: September 29th, 2014

Go into any gym and chances are the treadmills are full of people looking for a quick workout, happily running along to the tune of their choice. If you're often one of these people, are you getting the most out of your session? Here are some great treadmill tips to help ensure you're winning from your workout


1 Change Your Stance

Try walking or running with your arms raised above your head..This will improve your workout by increasing your heart rate and improving your posture and core stability. But because you can't hold on which is often done subconsciously you will need to concentrate on every stride. If you feel stupid doing this in front of other then you could swing your arms vigorously at your side instead and if you want to make it even harder,try using hand weights.

2 Interval training

It's easy to step on a treadmill, set your speed and incline and off you go but not only can it get boring, it can become all too easy for your muscles. So instead of counting down to the end of your timer, why not plan a more gruelling run? Set an incline and a speed that provides a challenge and get running but at the end of each song or after a certain amount time change both to mix it up a bit. If you want to just relax and run, opt for a random programme which will increase and decrease the incline automatically, which mirrors a real run more closely

3 Start Sidestepping

Everyone uses treadmills the same way, in a row facing forwards, but there is nothing in the rules to say its the only way - it's about what works for you. Sidestepping is a great form of exercise.As well as providing a good cardio workout you will also work your hips and your inner and outer thighs - three areas that can easily be neglected. When you are feeling confident enough you can then increase both the speed and incline to make the workout even harder

4 Walk backwards

There is also nothing to say you cant walk backwards, although it does take more concentration and you cant go as fast. Its great for your quads, glutes and calves though, so if you combine backwards walking with the sidestepping and regular use then it is the ultimate leg workout

5 Perfect your posture

Its easy to forget about your posture when you start on the treadmill but getting it right can dramatically help with your workout. The proper position for walking and running on a treadmill is to keep your shoulders back and your head up which will take the pressure off your back, neck and shoulders. Its easy to lean forward too, especially when running or walking up a steep incline but the perfect position is to stay upright, tilt your pelvis forward, tuck your bottom in and suck in your stomach. This will help your balance and also work wonders for your core

6 Run right

Most people can run but do they always run correctly? Its essential you get it right, particularly on a treadmill, to avoid injury. Make sure you always push off with your feet, it might sound silly but its easy to use your legs instead, so concentrate on what you're doing. When you do push off always make sure you show the sole of your shoe. It may seem like every step is over dramatic but if you get it right not only will it help improve your workout but you will also you get into your stride quicker and avoid injury


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