World Record Broken by School Team

Published Date: July 10th, 2012

5 July 2012

World Record of farthest distance to run on treadmill in a day was broken by a school team of Forest School in Forest Road, Snaresbrook. The team containing of 12 students beat the record of 423km by 15km last week. Joined by Noel Thatcher, a paralympian record-breaking runner, the team of teachers, students and their parents kept up a minimum speed of 17.7kmph to achieve the record.

The attempt was launched by former West Ham footballer Tony Cottee and the team ran through the night to achieve the record. Noel Thatcher, who is visually impaired, won five gold medals as a Parlympian runner.As well as breaking a record, the team have already raised £8,500 for the Essex Disabled Sports Foundation and the Forest School Olympic Scholarship.


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