Treat treadmill with care not fear

Published Date: February 20th, 2013

Many people have an inner fear of falling off the treadmill, and for some this fear has resulted in never endeavoring to use the treadmill which is really sad. I am a strong proponent of "making friends with the treadmill" as it is a useful friend especially in moments of need when the weather outside is not conducive to running.

Coming back to this fear of falling, the answer lies in staying focused and not get disassociated. Easier said than done as unlike running outside where the terrain is constantly changing and forces you to pay attention, the treadmill is easier on the legs but monotonous. True, an advanced treadmill user varies the speed and incline but most follow a steady pattern. It is easy to get caught in the smooth rhythmic motion of the treadmill and for the mind to wander. Result is you lose focus of your footing and it is very possible that you may fall off. Ouch.

But it is not always the treadmill to blame. Many users watch TV, talk on the phone and look around. Worse, some even text. Simply asking for disaster. It is another story if the electricity goes and you don't have a power backup. At times like this, if you are attentive then you are able to retain your footing but if your mind was wandering then you have only yourself to blame.

Finally, know where the 'kill button' on your treadmill lies and use it at moments of emergency.


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