Treadmills and other Machines Now Used as Electricity Sources

Published Date: July 9th, 2012

The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGOGC) is busy in encouraging people to exercise, and as a result also generate significant amounts of electricity.

OGC is turning the boring exercise into an opportunity to generate power by using the mechanical movements of the individuals using the said gym equipment, and decided to build a heart-shaped outdoor exercising area at Shaw Park, in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England.

Known as the Green Heart, this outdoor gym provides people who wish to work out with pieces of equipment such as treadmill, elliptical , hand, fitness or recumbent exercise bikes, reports

While using them, the people generate energy that is then transformed into electricity and used to light up the gym's perimeter and the surrounding areas.

Thus, this outdoor exercising area no longer has to depend on the national grid in order to remain functional at night.

Interestingly enough, a display wall, known as People Power, is also made available, so that one knows exactly how much power he/she manages to produce while trying to keep fit.

Since the end-goal for the Green Heart project is first and foremost that of taking care of the local citizens’ general health, scales and height measuring instruments, as well as a BMI calculator, also feature in this innovative gym's inventory.

Similar projects are also to be implemented in various parts of the world. Thus, one of our previous articles reported on Serbia's intention to build a Piezoelectric Playground, which will use the kinetic energy of the children playing there in order to power a canopy made of fiber-optic cables.


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