Treadmill Maintenance Tips

Published Date: July 16th, 2012

Treadmills are very popular equipment for burning fats. People enjoy their workout on it but forget its proper maintenance as a result wear n tear of treadmill and finally it becomes a waste. Its hard to take out some time for maintenance but its worth as it is an expensive machine that you have bought. Once in a week you can go for it. Running , jogging and doing workouts put lots of stress on makes nuts, tread-belt , deck. If you don't maintain it properly it will shorten its life and your machine can be ruined in o time.

Here are some short tips you can follow to increase you treadmill life.

Cleaning the Treadmill- Dirt is the major reason for the damaging of the belt and desk. Dirt accumulate in these areas which is the main problem. Clean dirt once in a week. Clean entire treadmill once or twice in a week. Motor should also be cleaned twice or thrice a year. One more thing unplug the treadmill while you are cleaning it.

Oiling the Treadmill- Some Treadmills do not require lubrication. Oiling is needed to to prevent from wear and tear of the machine. Follow the user manual before lubricating it as some machine do not need oiling since they are made up of different elements and oiling can lead to more friction between the belt and the deck which can damage the motor. So read user Manual carefully.

Belt Alignment- Tread-belt should be at the centre of the deck ,if the belt is here n there and not in the center it can lead to damage of both belt and deck.  Belt should be properly tightened and should be checked every month.

These are few tips that you can follow to sustain your treadmill life for long time.

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