Treadmill gives us old people a healthy break Says Stan Voit

Published Date: August 13th, 2012

13 August 2012

I have a physical exam every six months. When you reach your 60s you always think the next exam will show something dreadful or serious.
A family doctor told me 20 years ago that I’d probably need a bypass or artery clean-out one day, so each semiannual physical I have come to anticipate hearing that the time has come.Instead, I come through the physicals with virtually a clean bill of health. Amazing. Considering my sedentary type of work and my paunch, you’d think I’d be ready for some kind of procedure. Not yet at least.

My Knoxville physician, Courtney George, reports to me within days of the physical on my blood work and her conclusions and recommendations, and aside from an LDL cholesterol issue and a slightly-higher-than-she’d-like blood sugar level, I am fit.

Actually, I attribute my good health to one key factor: a treadmill. I have been a user of home treadmills for a decade or more and am on it six days a week.The first one I bought came from Kmart. My son helped me put it together. That treadmill worked like a charm for at least eight years. It was not very versatile, but it was durable. had it in a spare bedroom until we moved to Sevierville in 2005. The configuration of the house forced us to put it the den, where I could watch TV while I used it.

Now I have a treadmill in the spare bedroom, where we keep the computer and an extra TV. In the morning I climb aboard and, while watching a program, walk with purpose for at least 30 minutes, six days a week. I take one day off, which I read was a good idea.Last year I decided it was time for a new one, even though there essentially was nothing wrong with the one I used. I wanted one that would be quieter, have more bells and whistles, be programmable so I could press a button and have it go to my settings: 2 levels of incline and 32 speed. Since I could never put the thing together, I decided to buy it from a store that would deliver it and assemble it. We chose Dick’s Sporting Goods in Knoxville. I picked it out and two guys delivered it and assembled it.

And now it sits in a back room, waiting for me every day. I placed a Roku box on the TV so I could see Netflix shows, and watch as I walk.

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