Treadmill Exercises for Senior Adults

Published Date: August 25th, 2012

Treadmills provide very effective cardio exercises and keeps body fit and toned.  As one grows old their body strength and endurance also goes down, workouts on treadmill for adults are definitely different from normal ones. Due to age their bone strength and flexibility decreases. Senior adults should make proper choice of treadmill for workouts , they should use treadmill that have larger running area and should have hand rails for support. Workouts on treadmill can be very beneficial for adults they will help in proper flow of energy and cardiovascular system.  While making adults to workout on treadmill see if the treadmill is safe for running for that age and physical state of the body.

Walking Exercise and Warming Up-  Keep The resistance to the lowest and start a brisk walk on treadmill slowly with normal stride length and workout for at-least  20-30 minutes according to your endurance. Keep the speed between 2-4 mph. As you feel comfortable and feel better that you can do more you can increase your time and resistance accordingly.

Running with Speed- Running on treadmill increases your heart rate that allow good flow of blood in the body and maintains the cardio vascular system. People with heart problems should not run at greater speed it can become serious problem than. People with age above 60 can increase speed as their endurance level goes up and after going for high speed again make treadmill slow and do workout on it to slow down your heart rate. Repeat these steps 4-5 times accordingly.

Inclining Treadmill- Always start with zero inclination , inclination makes your muscle strong and helps in improving the endurance level. After warm up increase inclination 4-5 level and do workouts for 5-10 min , after that again level down the inclination to zero and walk slowly. You can repeat these steps according to your endurance level.

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