Top Five Treadmills for Less Than $500

Published Date: May 4th, 2012

Best Treadmills for on a Budget Price - Top Treadmills Around $500

Although there is a countless amount of treadmills available for home use, finding the best one that fits your fitness goals and budget can be a challenge. While a treadmill that is on par with the quality of machines you'd find in a gym is preferable, such club-quality treadmills often carry borderline outrageous price tags and cost. Thankfully, there are some very well-equipped treadmills that offer quality at a price that actually saves you money compared to a gym membership. Below, you will find brief treadmill reviews of the best treadmills to buy that are available for $500 or less. You can browse top treadmills on your own right here .

ProForm 490 C Treadmill : Picking up budget-priced fitness equipment can be a risky proposition, but a good way to avoid a lemon is by going with a trusted brand. ProForm manufacturers an entire line of treadmills as well as other fitness equipment, so you can rest assured that the ProForm 490 C is quality. This treadmill offers 16 preset programs, eight personal trainer workouts and a powerful 2-HP motor. The ProForm 490 C also has specially designed cushioning to prevent joint stress. Browse other Proform treadmills right here .

Horizon Evolve Compact Treadmill : Don't let the word "compact" fool you - the Horizon Evolve Compact is powerful enough to give you a top-notch workout at a lower-tier price. This treadmill gets its name from the easy folding design and the low weight of 99 lbs. However, the Horizon Evolve Compact can still support users of 250 lbs and offers a heart rate monitor, speed range up to six miles per hour and the option for MP3 or CD player input. browse other Horizon treadmills right here .

LifeSpan Fitness LS-5T Folding Treadmill : Like the Horizon Evolve Compact, the LifeSpan Fitness LS-5T folding treadmill offers a compact, folding design for easy storage and movement. This treadmill offers a bit more power, including a speed range up to 7.5 miles per hour, and three levels of incline. The LifeSpan Fitness LS-5T folding treadmill also offers a 1.5-HP motor and heart rate sensors on the handlebars. Browse other LifeSpan treadmills right here .

ProForm 480 E Treadmill : Another attractively priced and well-designed ProForm treadmill is the 480 E. This treadmill offers speeds up to 10 miles per hour, and features a 2-HP motor. The ProForm 480 E offers a number of different workouts designed for different goals, such as four weight loss workouts and five speed and incline workouts. Browse other treadmills from ProForm right here .

Weslo Cadence CT 5.8 Treadmill : The Weslo Cadence features a low price but plenty of options you'd expect to find only on much more expensive models. This treadmill features speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, professionally designed built-in workout programs and a multi-position incline. The Weslo Cadence CT 5.8 also has a highly padded running surface to reduce the risk of injury. browse other Weslo treadmills right here .


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