Tips for Running On Treadmill

Published Date: August 8th, 2012

Treadmill gives a great running experience and helps in cardio exercises very well. A great machine to burn the fats. Running on treadmill can vary from people to people. Your workouts can be more result oriented by the way you run on the treadmill. Here are some of running tips to increase your result efficiency.

  • Start With Warm -Up- People generally start running on treadmill without warmup as soon as they keep their foot on it. But it will ruin your workout and you will be exhausted very soon. Warm is always good before any exercise or games. Warm up makes body bones and  muscles active . You can walk run very slowly just like walking on treadmill first .
  • Incline Treadmill- Inclination makes your workouts more result giving. Don't Incline treadmill too much as it can create impact on your Knee Joints. Inclination of 2-5% is good enough for good workouts.
  • Avoid using Handrails- Run as if you are running outside freely without holding anything. People usually hold handrails while running on the treadmill. Holding it do not give good results as your upper body is not taking part in it. Running without holding handrails give your body proper posture while running
  • While Running Don't Lean Your Body- Don't Lean your body forward treadmills pulls you backwards but move you foot before going backwards this will prevent you from leaning forward. Running while keeping your body straight gives good workouts
  • Can Listen Music- Workouts on treadmills can be a little boring as you are just running and running . You can listen to music in this way you can enjoy your workouts and can work for longer durations.
  • Keep Water Bottle- Workouts on Treadmill consumes water present in the body so you may feel dehydrated. Always keep a water bottle when you are working on treadmill.
  • Maintain Your Stride- Keep your stride length not too long and not too short just average. Don't run on heels or with long strides it will create impact on your knee joints. Also notice your steps while running on treadmill. Shorter or average stride will enhance your workout
  • Cool Down Your Body- At last don't forget to cool down your body as after your workouts your heart rate are at very high rates and sudden stoppage can make you feel dizziness . So after your workout do slow jogging so that you heart rate normals down.
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