Three Treadmill Workout Mistakes

Published Date: July 2nd, 2012

Mistake #1 - Repeating workouts for too long.
Doing same workout on daily basis and that to too long is not going to give you desired results. Human body is smart and is constantly figuring out what you are doing, adapting to whatever demands you put on it in about four to six weeks. Studies have shown that doing the same workout over and over can lead to adaptation and, eventually, a fitness plateau. Along With your treadmill workouts you can switch to strength training and tone your muscles and increase body strength. A fantastic exercise to start strength training with is a basic lunge.

Mistake #2 - Staying in your comfort zone.
Do a little more in your every workout and increase the endurance of the workouts.When you do start to strength train, to make sure you are having an effective workout you have to push your body a little harder each workout. Your body will only change if you put a demand on it, taking it out of its comfort zone. Your body is a master adapter. When it gets used to a routine, it becomes more efficient, so it uses less energy, which means you burn fewer calories and build less muscle. Learn to push harder, lift heavier, sprint at a max effort, and dig deep to really push your potential.

Mistake #3 - Making the mistake of more is better.
Give body a chance to recover from the workout you do so that body can reboot and you can start with new energy otherwise the results will decrease and will lead to over training. Take at least one day completely off a week and instead stretch and use a foam roller. A foam roller is an excellent tool to give your body a massage.


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