Sydney Festival Opens With A Marathon On Treadmill

Published Date: January 5th, 2013

Humphrey ran a marathon length on a treadmill at an event in Hyde Park to mark the start of the Sydney Festival 2013. He was supported by local sports and community groups.

On the opening day, there is a Fun Run event in the Sydney Festival which starts at 9:30 am. Different than most fun runs, it involved just one person, Humphrey who was running on a treadmill. It was a very hot day and Humphrey was wearing only a pair of rather eye-catching orange shorts.

Dancers wearing glamorous outfits were scattered amongst the crowd and managed to liven things up. A display of weightlifting, rope waving and cycling on bikes fixed to the ground entertained the crowd. Humphrey completed the marathon at around 2:30pm, about half an hour before the arrival of the giant yellow rubber duckĀ in Darling Harbour.


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