State employees install treadmill desk for walking

Published Date: April 6th, 2013

State employees in Oregon might soon get a workout while they work.

House Bill 2767 proposes a pilot program to study if treadmill-outfitted desks can improve the health of employees.

A state worker suggested implementing walking workstations after realizing he was gaining weight at least in part due to how much time he spent sitting at his desk for his job.

Anthony Behrens said after long days at the office, there was no time to workout and it was affecting his health.

Walking workstations have been around for several years. They are desks over treadmills that allow workers to walk while they type and talk on the phone.

State Rep. Jim Thompson sponsored the bill. If passed, it would create a 10-station pilot project to see how effective it is within a state office.

"If you can give people the tools and activities to be healthy easy, which this seems to be one of them, then I think that leads to a huge promotion of healthy behaviors," Behrens said.

A work session on the bill is scheduled for April 10.


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