Sponsors Needed For Dog Treadmill Show

Published Date: July 27th, 2012

27 July 2012

AN UNDERWATER treadmill for dogs to remedy knee and spinal injuries is planned for the North Narrabeen Animal Rehab Centre.Dog Treadmill is a costly equipment and needed $80,000 fot it to be installed there, the centre needs the backing of sponsors, and owner Bec Harvey is calling on people to support the idea.Ms Harvey said the underwater treadmill could offer significant benefits to northern beaches dogs and their owners.

Bec Harvey is calling for sponsors to help her install an underwater treadmill for dogs at her animal rehab centre.

"The underwater treadmill is ideal for dogs that have had injuries and can't do weight-bearing exercises," she said."It would make recovery much quicker. We would be able to keep up the mobility and reduce their muscle wastage."

Dogs with knee injuries often took up to six months to fully recover because their muscles wasted due to inactivity, Ms Harvey said.Animals could develop a second knee injury as their other legs compensated for the injured one, requiring more surgery.Ms Harvey said an operation to fix one knee could cost between $1500 and $3000.She was looking into different arrangements with people and businesses partnering in the project. She said business names could be emblazoned on the treadmill and her centre could potentially carry products or advertising in return for such sponsorship.


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