School administrators walk on treadmills at lunch to inspire kids about fitness

Published Date: February 19th, 2013

Teachers and administrators at one Knox County high school are taking fitness to a whole new level.

About a month ago, administrators at Carter High School wanted to find a way to get fit. So, they received a grant and bought two treadmills.

They put the treadmills up in the cafeteria and each take turns walking on it for one of the three 25 minute lunch periods.

Also, they have asked those in the community to come walk and set a good example for the students. Ten News Reporter, Allison Bybee, walked on Tuesday.

Now, teachers are getting in on the action, and the Principal, Cheryl Hickman, hopes students get inspired.

"We also know that obesity is a problem in our state," said Hickman, "So, we thought if we could address those issues through this challenge, maybe we would see a difference and have an impact."

For every mile the teachers and administrators walk, they hope to raise money and to some day give a scholarship to a Knox County student who has changed their life either through health or academics.

The staff hopes to continue walking through the end of the school year.

Some students say they thought it was weird at first, but now think it's cool.

They are always looking for walkers and for people willing to help donate to their cause.


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