Run on air with the new anti gravity treadmill

Published Date: February 4th, 2013

Michelle Mickalonis is training for a triathalon in May this year. But an injury to her Achilles tendon almost sidelined her running. Hector Jason, a physical therapist of Michelle said that she's not losing a step and thanked to the training on the Alter G- the so called anti gravity treadmill.

"I thought, oh my God. I have to have this machine. I felt so great. I never ran so fast. I felt like I was running on the moon" exclaims Michelle.

While using the anti gravity treadmill put on special shorts that have a tutu like attachment. Then you're zipped into the machine. Your weight is recorded and then you ndd your physical therapist decide how much weight, in essence, to take off. Air is pumped in and you feel like you're being lifted off your feet.

" Now, because of the anti gravity we can put a patient here and be able to start,  any type of whether it's endurance training, gait training  balance training ah at a much faster rate" says Jason.

Because your body is not taking the kind of pounding it would at full gravity. Thanks to an array of cameras, patients can watch their gait - Very helpful for Bob Silverman as he works to regain his natural stride - a back injury left him with foot drop and a tendency to stumble.

"And in addition with the video feedback" explains Silverman, " I can actually watch myself. And one of the goals Hector's trying to work on with me is to improve my muscle memory, my walking, my feet so I can actually watch myself, time my stepping properly."

This is not a replacement for other equipments but just an another tool for traditional physical therapy treatments. This anti gravity treadmill is quiet benificial for runners those who want to add miles without the pounding and also for people who are overweight for starting an exercise program. Right now the FDA has approved this piece of equipment to come only in professional model.

"If you had 40 grand would you buy it for the house?" when was asked to Michelle. "Yes, definitely. " He replied.


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