• Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill

    Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill

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Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill

Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill Overview

The TRM 833 Precor treadmill delivers a smooth and responsive running performance with the added benefit of Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT) and Ground Effects® Impact Control (GFX). The TRM 833 is built with exceptional durability, comfort and ease-of-use to meet all exercise goals.

Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill Specifications

Equipment Features

Stride Support :    Integrated Footplant Technology™
Ground Effects® Technology :    Yes
Integrated Footplant Technology™ :    Integrated Footplant Technology™ makes each step feel more natural, balanced and in-control.
Deck and Belt :    Rear deck hinges and front cushioning create a laterally stable platform to reduce shock to runner and provides a firm push off. Deck and belt require no external lubrication. Deck is a one-inch Slik-Dek bed composed of 52 lb high -density fiberboard core with phenolic laminate bonded on both sides. Can be flipped to double life. Seigling E8 special weave multi-ply polyester belt, with dry lubricant integrated into the material, is exclusive to Precor.
Elevation System :    Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operated in compression for reliable operation.
Rollers :    Steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise.
Frame :    Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
Emergency Stop :    Safety clip attached to emergency stop switch to immediately turn off power bringing treadmill to a gentle stop. Stop switch has no magnet to lose and has a guard to prevent inadvertent activation.
Power-Factor Correction :    Yes
Accessories Holder(s) :    Yes
Transport Wheels :    Integrated
Cable Management :    Optional

Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill Console Features

Tap Control :    No
Tactile Dome Keys :    Yes
QuickStart™ :    Yes
Motion Controls :    Yes
Numeric Keypad :    Yes
Console Language(s) :    Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Romanized Russian, Spanish
Units Selection :    Metric or U.S. Standard
Preset Programs :    Manual Interval 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 Heart Rate Basic HRC Custom Weight Loss HRC Weight Loss HRC Weight Loss 1 Aerobic 2 Aerobic Custom Weight Loss HRC Weight Loss HRC Variety Random 1 Cross Country 2 Cross Country 1 Gluteal, 2 Gluteal 1 Custom, 2 Custom Performance Track 5K Gerkin Fitness Test USAF PRT Navy PRT Army PFT USMC PFT Federal Law Enf. PEB WFI Firefighter Test
Number of Programs :    25
Electronic Readouts :    Speed Incline Distance Pace Average Speed Calories Heart Rate Time Elapsed, Time Remaining % Complete Time in Zone Segment Time Cals/min Cals/hr watts METS Target HR Average HR Elevation Gain Workout Profile Workout Summary
Electronic Readouts :    21
Maximum Workout Time :    unlimited
Maximum Pause Time (Pause) :    120 seconds

Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill Heart Rate Monitoring

Touch :    Touch heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars for increased accuracy and ease-of-use by users of all sizes.
Telemetry :    Equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap.
SmartRate® :    No

Integrated Entertainment Options

Reading Rack :    Integrated
Personal Viewing System (PVS) :    Optional
Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) (Specification) :    15" Screen
Entertainment Cap / Wireless Receiver :    Optional

Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill Network Capabilities

CSAFE Ready :    Yes
FitLinxx Compatible :    Yes
Diagnostics :    Ability to set club parameters, e.g. limit exercise time, set default language and pause time.

Precor TRM 833 Commercial Treadmill Equipment Specifications

Speed Range (mph / km/h) :    0.5 - 16 mph / 0.5-25.5 km/h
Decline / Incline Range :    0 - 15% in 0.5% increments
Motor :    IFT-Drive controller works with a 4 HP peak duty AC induction motor for a smooth, natural feel. 3-phase, sensorless variable frequency drive technology for high reliability and accurate speed control.
Maximum User Weight (lbs / kg) :    500 lbs / 227 kg
Step-up Height (inches / cm) :    11.6 inches / 29.5 cm
Running Surface (L X W) (inches / cm) :    60 X 20 inches / 153 X 51 cm
Roller Diameter (inches / cm) :    4 inches / 10.2 cm
Power Cord Management :    ICE 320-C19 inlet supporting Schuko and BSI plugs
Handrail Length (inches / cm) :    24 inches / 61 cm

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Length :    88 inches / 224 cm
Width :    35 inches / 89 cm
Height :    64 inches / 163 cm
Height with PVS :    80 inches / 203 cm
Equipment Weight :    456 lbs / 207 kg

Power Requirements

Equipment :    Powered
Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) :    Powered
U.S. & Canada 120 vac :    Dedicated 120V/20A circuit with 5-20R NEMA receptacle
U.S. & Canada 240 vac :    Dedicated 240V/20A circuit with 6-20R NEMA receptacle
International 240 vac :    IEC 320-C19 inlet supporting Schuko and BSI plugs
Cord Length :    3.7 m / 12 ft


FCC :    Yes
ETL :    Yes
CE :    Yes
EN957 :    Yes


Frame :    7 years
Parts (mechanical & electronic) :    2 years
Wear Items :    1 year
AC Motor :    5 years
Labor :    1 year

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