Physical therapy to animals at Horse 'n Hound

Published Date: July 23rd, 2012

21 July 2012
A new business named Horse 'n Hound has opened in Nashua,  at 531 Amherst St., aims to give animals luxury of physical therapy.Physical therapist Jennifer Brooks, a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner, is the woman behind the business. Brooks said she feels blessed to be able to combine her professional skills with her love of animals.
“I've been an animal lover all my life, and an equestrian all my life,” she said.Brooks said around 2000 she took a few years off from human physical therapy, using the time to reevaluate her career path. She found a flyer advertising a certification in equine rehabilitation. She started physical therapy and focus on animals instead of Humans . She says “The positive of working with humans is that you've got the verbal/cognitive interaction, where with animals you really have to focus on their behaviors, and have a sense of animal behaviors and actions, and learn to read the animals.” Brooks said there are some 90 small animal veterinarians in the area, but nothing in terms of physical therapy. It was the perfect opening for her business.James Brooks, an electrical engineer by trade, helps run his wife's business.In researching the market they received positive feedback about the potential for animal therapy in the area.
The clinic offers state-of-the-art hydro-therapy using an underwater treadmill for strengthening, flexibility and range of motion restoration. Treatments for weight loss, strengthening, osteoarthritis and other conditions are also available.


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