New ski treadmill keeping athletes close to home

Published Date: July 16th, 2012

Canmore’s elite biathlon and cross-country ski athletes will be keeping their training regimen a little more local this summer as they can save time and focus on their training which will also give them full recovery time. With Fully programmable with the ability to challenge athletes with grades up to 20 per cent and speeds of up to 35 kilometers per hour, the treadmill allows coaches to program simulation routes that replicate courses at the Nordic Center, and soon, from around the globe.

“The recovery was not so perfect. It’s much nicer to have it here. The athletes come up, do a warm-up on the roller-ski track, they have a certain scheduled time and they do their workout. Then they can do their cool-down, go home and recover properly.”The treadmill also allows coaches to carefully monitor athlete performance, with cameras and monitors providing instant feedback. Biathlete Megan Imrie, who has been recovering from issues with asthma, was able to use the treadmill to determine how successful her recovery has been.
The treadmill will supplement a summer training program that includes biking, running, and trips to the Haig glacier in preparation for the coming competitive season that starts this November.


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