New Guinness World Record on Commercial Treadmill

Published Date: March 28th, 2012

New Guinness World Record on Commercial Treadmill

The amazing news that a female university lecturer has beaten the men's and women's world records for the distance covered running on a treadmill in seven days proves beyond all doubt that the aerobic king of the gym can provide all a fitness enthusiasts cardio fitness needs without having to step a foot outside the door, says refurbished gym equipment specialist, Health Clubs at Home.

Sharon Gayter, 48, from Guisborough, ran a total of 517.3 miles in seven days, putting paid to the belief that running on a treadmill for any more than 30 minutes is not as interesting as exercising outside in the elements.

The academic’s incredible achievement will come as no surprise, however, to most gym goers, who regularly use commercial treadmills, as well as those fitness fanatics who have their own reconditioned machines at home.

Treadmill devotees and elite runners alike all know that it is possible to get a similar workout on a treadmill as running outside as long as they maintain the same effort level. Runners can usually judge this based upon thier heart rate or rating of perceived exertion.

In order to compensate for the treadmill's momentum, studies have found that simply raising the treadmill incline to at least one percent will better simulate the energy expenditure of walking or running on flat pavement outdoors.

There are some great reasons to use a treadmill as a part of a training programme, including these top "pro's": no weather, temperature, or terrain issues; Runners can stop anytime they want; workout while watching tv; the smooth, cushioned surface is easier on the joints; and finally, there are absolutely no concerns about personal safety.

Even better news on the back of Sharon’s new world record is that exercisers don’t have to fork out a huge sum of money to try and set their personal bests on their very own commercial quality treadmill in their own home gym. Health Clubs at Home are one of the leading providers of pre-owned commercial fitness equipment in Europe, and currently have nearly 500 reconditioned treadmills on offer from well known brands such as Life Fitness Treadmill, Star Trac, Precor Technogym and Johnson, starting at an incredibly low price of £449 for the Horizon T960. All machines are serviced by a team of experienced and highly skilled engineers, and come with a full parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

To top it all, Health Clubs at Home have machines to suit all budgets, including top of the range second hand commercial treadmills such as the Johnson T8000 Pro, which boasts features including a 7” Blue backlit LCD instruction centre, a huge range of fitness programmes and a superior heart rate monitor to track your progress, and similarly excellent machines such as the Life Fitness 9500 for those with more limited funds.


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