Improtant tips to keep in mind while buying a Treadmill

Published Date: July 4th, 2012

Treadmills are one of the best equipment for cardio exercise for fat burning. And its easy to learn using treadmill as one learns how to run at the age of 1. But before buying a treadmill you must keep some points in your mind so that you can buy the best one and never regret for your decision.

  • Your Workout Area
    Treadmills are a little bit large exercise equipments that can cover your rooms major area so before you buy it plan the space so that treadmill you purchase should fit well in the room.
  • Treadmill Price
    Treadmills are not cheap enough so first look at your budget as how much you can spend on it. First decide your price and then you should choose the best treadmill in that range after researching it well as you must get for what you are paying for. Know what specification there can be in a treadmill and what features you want , do proper research before buying it otherwise you will find so many option which will jumble up your mind.
  • Treadmill Motor
    Its the main part of treadmill so look for continuous duty power rating motor of at-least 2 H.P . Treadmills with motors below 1.5HP does not last for long and its a waste of money. Motors are of two types that runs in AC and DC. Motor that runs in DC are perfect for home use and are quieter than Ac. You can do some extra things while doing workouts if the motor is not noisy.
  • Treadmill Belt
    Select Treadmill with tread-belt of  at least 48-60 inches which will be comfortable for running. And also with shock absorption deck which will create less impact on your joints
  •  Treadmill Warranty
    This is one of the most important thing that you must clear with the shop you are buying. Warranty with minimum 1 year on labor motor and frame. Many Treadmills comes with lifetime warranty on frame and labor but  treadmill motors and belts may require to be serviced by a technician. 

Lastly Buy Treadmill with Fitness Stores.

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