Female Perspective - Treadmill Workouts with a Twist and a Desk

Published Date: April 19th, 2012

Female Perspective - Treadmill Workouts with a Twist and a Desk

The average treadmill has a nice panel where you can follow your progress, program different workouts and inclines and let you know how many calories you are burning each day.However, none of that does you any good if your treadmill, like many across the country, sits in the corner and collects dust. Finding time to work in that walking or running workout isn't always an option.

I recently had the opportunity to test out a new treadmill that is made with the idea of combining two activities together. It was designed with the office worker in mind, it is also a great way for mothers to get work done while still getting a workout in. Work, reading or even video game play can alSO be done while walking. The "Treadmill Desk" from LifeSpan, combines a flat treadmill with a large, flat desk that opens up your options while working out.

1. Getting Your Work Done

As a mother who works from home, I spend a lot of time at my desk. Between my work hours, keeping up with household chores and taking care of the kids, finding time for a workout is not always something I can work in. I also suffer from autoimmune diseases, so sitting for extended periods of time is a problem for me. To cope with that, I have always had to get up and at least stretch or walk every half hour or so. However, the Treadmill Desk is able to let me work while walking and keep my legs active all the time as the desk is sturdy enough that makes me able to have my laptop computer, notepads and even a drink and make an actual workstation. I must admit, when I first tried it out,I didn't think typing and walking would work together, but once you find the comfortable walking speed for you, it is actually easier than you think.

2. Reading a Good Book

With this treadmill having a desk, all you need is a good bookstand and you can grab your favorite book or eReader and escape into your reading all while getting a good workout at the same time.

3. Kids and Computer Games

For kids, they have computer games that they love to play with. While my kids still enjoy going outside to play more than video games, not all children do. These video games and lack of physical exercise are also contributing to childhood obesity. This treadmill desk allows your older kids to do both at the same time. They can play their video games while keeping active and walking.
Homework Options. When the kids get home from school, homework always takes priority in my home. However, after being in school all day, the kids are full of energy and want to get moving. Again, this is where the treadmill desk can solve the problem. Your kids can grab their homework and get to work all while walking off some of that energy.

I have a standard treadmill in my home, but like many, I never seem to get time to use it. By changing the design of a standard treadmill and adding a desk, LifeSpan has opened up the opportunities available to get those recommended minutes of exercise in each day.


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