Enhance workout and recovery time By Anti-gravity Treadmills

Published Date: July 2nd, 2012

San Fransisco

Silicon Valley Alter-G launched anti gravity treadmill that is completely supported by air.The anti-gravity treadmill results in a quicker recovery time for athletes and patients by taking away the pressure and impact of a normal walk or run.

"We use air pressure to alter the person's perception of body weight while they're exercising" said Steve Basta, Alter-G CEO.

The treadmills can also be useful for rehabilitation patients. The $32,000 Alter-G machines will soon begin appearing in both therapy centers and training rooms. "It feels like I'm running on the moon," said Michael Coe.
"We can un-weight stroke patients to the point where their legs are strong enough to walk and they can practice walking. By practicing without weight, they get better and eventually stronger," Basta said.

Source: http://www.14news.com/story/18722150/anti-gravity-treadmills-enhance-training-and-recovery-time

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