• CYBEX LCX 425T Treadmill

    CYBEX LCX-425T Treadmill

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CYBEX LCX 425T Treadmill

CYBEX LCX-425T Treadmill Overview


The LCX-425T is a treadmill that provides a commercial-sized running surface in a space saving footprint. Perfect for the upscale home and residential condominium but durable enough for the hotel gym or corporate fitness facility.


Commercial sized running surface in a compact footprint. The open front design means the hood cover doesn’t get in the way of a natural stride and the unobstructed path maximizes usable running area.


Just like the big guys. The 3.0 HP motor with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) combines with rugged 2.75” rollers to provide exceptionally smooth operation at all speeds. The solid steel construction provides a vibration-free operation and the feel of stability usually available only in the most expensive models.


So smart it matches the runner’s stride. Our Intelligent Suspension (IS3) deck is not like traditional floating decks which can cause instability in a runner’s stride. The IS3 absorbs the impact of landing where it occurs. It’s soft at landing, hard in the middle, and rigid at toe-off to exactly match the body mechanics of a runner. And ... the dual level design of the CYBEX LCX-425T lets you see the IS3 at work.


All the little details. At hand convenience with split-level consoles (designed to match the way you use a treadmill), two water bottle sized holders, magazine rack and tabs, and a utility tray.

CYBEX LCX-425T Treadmill Features & Benefits

Engineered for convenience

At hand convenience with split-level consoles (designed to match the way you use a treadmill), two water bottle holders, magazine rack and tabs, and a utility tray.

Programs and More

9 programs with 10 levels which vary both incline and resistance offer a variety of workout options. In addition, there is Heart Rate Control (with user-selected target heart rate), Quick Start, and Manual mode.

Split Level Display

The console itself is designed to match the way a treadmill is used. By separating the console into two parts, we've given users the ability to use what they want and when. Time, speed, and incline are always visible on the lower level with other information on the top.

Double-sided Deck

A double-sided deck can be rotated and flipped, giving up to four surfaces to maximize deck life.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate can be monitored from either the contact grips or hands free from a wireless heart rate transmitter. See it at a glance with a multi-colored LED that with a different color for specific target heart rate zones.

Custom Colors

Why stick with silver grey when there are five standard colors (white, black, platinum sparkle, metaltone gold, black chrome) to choose from? Or ... select from over 180 custom colors to match any decor. Only CYBEX offers color customization in CV and strength equipment.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller

Using digital feedback, the controller uses PWM technology for high-speed stability and consistent speed control with smooth operation. It also maximizes efficiency for economical power consumption.

CYBEX LCX-425T Treadmill Specifications

Machine Basics

Product Number:    425T
Speed Range:    0.5 - 11 mph, 0.8 - 17.7 km/h
Elevation Range:    0% - 15%
Running Area (L x W):    60 x 20 in, 152 x 50 cm


Dimensions (L x W):    72 x 32 in, 182 x 81 cm
Max User Weight:    350 lbs (159 kg)
Machine Weight:    320 lbs (145 kg)
Step-up Height:    11" (28 cm)
Power:    115V, 230V
Motor:    3 HP continuous duty DC drive
Handrails:    Standard Handrails

Display & Programming

Display:    7x15 matrix display of profile with LED readout of time, speed, incline, distance, calories, Calories/hr, METs, Heart Rate
Programs:    Quick Start, Manual, 9 Standard programs with 10 levels each controlling both incline and speed.


Convenience features:    Split-level consoles, two water bottle sized holders, magazine rack and tabs and a utility tray
Personal Cooling Fan:    NO
Personal Entertainment Monitor:    Optional
Made for iPod/iPhone:    NO
Embedded wireless audio receiver:    NO
Integrated AV controls:    Integrated audio and visual controls on display channel for volume selection
Connectivity:    Provided by CSAFE (Fitlinxx® certified)
Heart Rate Monitoring:    Includes Contact and Wireless capability (chest strap not included). Multi-color heart shaped LED provides color coded feedback of heart rate.

Compliance & Safety

Compliance:    FCC, ETL listed to UL1647, EN, CE, ASTM, CSA
Safety:    Permanently attached lanyard with removable key
Safety Sentry:    NO


Colors:    Five standard colors (white, black, platinum sparkle, metaltone gold, black chrome) or select from over 180 custom colors
Languages:    7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish)


Warranty:    Light Commercial, 10 yr - frame, 3 yr - parts/motor, 1 yr - belt/deck, 1 yr - labor
10 yr - frame, belt, deck, 7 yr parts, 1 yr - labor

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