• Bremshey RN3 Treadmill

    Bremshey RN3 Treadmill

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Bremshey RN3 Treadmill

Bremshey RN3 Treadmill

With Bremshey RN3 Treadmill same compact size as the Bremshey RN2 Treadmill, this treadmill brings you even more features. With more information on the console than the RN2, the RN3 is a real challenger.

Unique features of Bremshey RN3 Treadmill

With the easy going soft drop and lift systems, there is no need to put your muscles at use when folding and unfolding the machine. The use of only one finger allows you to fold or unfold the treadmill. Very convenient if you want to clean up or just save space.

MONITOR of Bremshey RN3 Treadmill

Display: 3 LED + LCD matrix with back light
Speed: yes
Elevation: yes
Programmes total: 1 Manual + 12 Programs
User programmes: 2
Preset programmes: 9
HRC programmes: 1

Bremshey RN3 Treadmill TECHNICAL DETAILS

Motor: 2.5 HP DC motor
Speed: 0.8 - 18 km/h - 0.5-11 mph
Elevation: 0- 12%
Lenght / folded: 1785 mm / 950 mm - 71 inch / 38 inch
Foldable: yes
Maximum user weight: 120 kg / 266 lbs
Media functions: yes
Shock absorbing system: yes


Belt size: 46 x 137 cm (1.6mm thick) / 18 x 54 inch
Contact heart rate: yes
Bottle holder: yes
Heart rate chest belt: yes, Option (5 kHz analogue)
Other components: MP3/cell phone holder, Speed / elevation quick keys

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