Anti-gravity Treadmill makes rehab comfortable

Published Date: July 21st, 2012

July 20 2012
Anti Gravity Treadmills were developed so that people with an injury or physical disability also can use it for exercise benefits. Without bearing full body weight on their leg joints, the user is able to run, walk or exercise much farther and faster than they would in a typical gym setting or on pavement.

Photo by Amber, Washington

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Cleburne Director of Women’s Services Kelly Curlee had just started trying to run again in an attempt to get back in shape. But almost as soon as she started, an old tendon injury flared up.
“It was like knives were in the bottom of my foot,” she said. “I couldn’t run at all; I was having shooting pains in my arch". That’s when Curlee turned to the physical therapy department and physical therapist Reinier Botha. Botha showed her the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, a machine donated by the Black & White Gala, that allows the user to “unweight” themselves in a pressure-controlled chamber of air attached to a special rehabilitation treadmill.

The Anti Gravity Treadmills are very beneficial they burn fats without even stressing on the Joints.The workout is also just as beneficial, because calories are burned at about the same rate as being on a typical treadmill, Botha said.


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