Anti Gravity Treadmill Defies Gravity - Revolutionizing Physical Therapy Process

Published Date: August 4th, 2012

Aug 1 2012

Anti-gravity Treadmills are treadmill that decreases the weight of the body upto 80% hence relieving people with injuries to recover soon and decreasing there painful running experience on the treadmills.Lara Ray thought her training and racing days were over.The 43-year-old marathoner, triathlete and soccer player injured her knee from playing soccer and her hip from running a half-marathon.She is back in the saddle, so to speak, thank to a revolutionary anti-gravity treadmill known as Alter G.
“It’s non-weight bearing so it doesn’t aggravate my injuries,” said Ray, who is a California Highway Patrol officer based out of the Moorpark station.

Anti Gravity Treadmill- Varco Physical Therapy

Jeff Vargo, owner of Vargo Physical Therapy in Moorpark, recently acquired the NASA-engineered treadmill to help his patients recover from injuries or surgery quickly and reduce the frequency of injuries.“We’re the only one in Ventura County who has this treadmill,” said Vargo, a licensed physical therapist for the past 20 years. “It’s like running on air and being about 50 pounds lighter.”

Vargo, who owns nine physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics across Southern California, says he’s “always been on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology” in his field.This latest gizmo did not come cheap. “It's about $40,000 but it's okay because we’re changing protocols in the industry,” he said.Easy-to-use controls come with the built-in NASA technology. Vargo said, “The data is measurable – for example, we can specify the amount of effort we want a patient to put in, say 25 percent.”
The Alter G can be a stand-alone treatment option or not, said Vargo. “We do have other state-of-the-art equipment  here that will work in conjunction with it,” he said. “It all depends on what the patient needs or what he or she is recovering from, if any.”He also plans to get involved with local running clubs and high schools to alert them to the Alter G’s availability.“I do plan on acquiring another one,” he said. “We always test and introduce the latest equipment here in Moorpark. It’s our unofficial pilot clinic because it’s right across from the high school and there’s a large number of fitness-conscious people here who could benefit from cutting edge technology.”

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