A Tribute to Treadmill- Sum Up In Six

Published Date: July 27th, 2012

25 July 2012

William Staub who is largely responsible for bringing the treadmill to the masses, as a piece of routine exercise equipment, died last week Thursday at his Clifton, N.J., home. William Staub was 96.

Whatever your feelings for the now-ubiquitous treadmill, Staub is directly responsible for countless hours of misery — or elation. Agony — or success. That deserves a tribute. You can pay him a tribute in six or less words.
The treadmill was originally used by doctors and fitness experts for stress tests. The equipment was expensive and impractical for the home. Staub, inspired by health and fitness pioneer Dr. Kenneth Cooper's book "Aerobics," wanted to build a commercially available version for people who wanted to run or walk, but for whatever reason couldn't do so outside. Cooper encouraged him to go ahead with his plan.


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